Rent a Bicycle to Celebrate National Bike Month

National Bike MonthBesides the beautiful blooming flowers, the kids’ last days of school, and remembering those that gave their lives while defending our great nation, May is also recognized as National Bike Month.

This year, in celebration, rent a bicycle, and get rolling on saving money, saving the environment, and saving your health!

A Bike for Every Seat

Remember the joys you had as a child cruising the neighborhood streets on your two-wheeler? You may be an adult now, but you still deserve the freedom that comes with speeding down a hill or the exhilaration of conquering that upward climb.

Many bicycle rental companies offer various types of rides including road bikes, mountain bikes, and racing bicycles. Further, they often have bikes for every age and every ability. By renting, you can test out as many as you wish until you find your groove.

Maybe after hopping on that seat and trying to relive your youth, you determine that your older bones disagree with the cliché that picking up an old behavior is just like riding a bike. In that case, it’s a good thing you didn’t waste your money by purchasing that bicycle! If you had, it would inevitably end up taking up space in your garage, and likely be the source of an argument or two with your other half.

There are so many benefits to renting, that simply put, it just makes sense. By renting a bicycle instead of buying one off the bat, you can save time, money, space, and possibly your relationship!

Pedal Away on Your Vacay

Renting a bicycle isn’t only ideal for testing out different models, bettering your health, or savings on your wallet. Often, you can find providers in popular vacation destinations offering bicycle rentals for sightseeing, cruising, relaxation, or any other reason you see fit during your trip.

No matter your purpose or your location, get your gears rolling by checking out Rent It Today’s bicycle rental providers first. Don’t forget to check out our selection of safety gear, too. Happy Cycling!

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