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Excelent Customer Service

“Core Values”- You‘ve likely heard the phrase, but do you really know what they are, and does anyone actually have them? If you work at Rent It Today, the answer to both is a resounding “YES!”

On the walls of our building, on banners in different rooms, within every policy and procedure manual, and below this sentence, you will find Rent It Today’s core values.

  • Evolving the Renting World
  • Promoting Enjoyable Experiences
  • Empowering Both Customers
  • Creating Quality Content
  • Making Renting Simple
  • Loving Renting

These words are so important and powerful around here, I almost feel as though I’ve just shared some secret society initiation ritual.

Above and Beyond

If you were to step foot in our office at any given time, you’d see each and every one of us carrying out one or more of these core values. I’d like to share an example of one of our employees, Les Courtney, exemplifying exactly what I mean.

First, a little background…Les has been with Rent It Today for over five years. He has worked in just about every department, and currently assists customers in our new call center.

Great IdeaLes recently took a call from Beth Brooks, the Project Coordinator of Added Value, a brand development and marketing insight consulting agency. She was looking to rent two specific motorcycles for a photo shoot for approximately four days in both Park City, NJ and Anaheim, CA. Les’ training led him to finding local providers of motorcycle rentals in each city, but none had both motorcycles in stock at the same time. Eagle Rider, out of California, offered to locate dealerships in their area, set up an agreement, then rent to Ms. Brooks as a third party. It was then that Les’ light bulb went off!

Exceeding his typical responsibilities as a call center agent, Les hit the web, and began searching for dealerships in New Jersey. He eventually got in touch Dan, at Cross Country Cycle in Metuchen, NJ, not too far from the city in which the bikes were needed. After an explanation and discussion of Ms. Brooks’ request, Dan not only agreed to rent both specific motorcycles for the photo shoot, but also offered delivery. Not only did Les go above and beyond, but the fine folks at Cross Country Cycle did, too!

No Profit to Us

Rent It Today did not, and does not, profit directly from connecting the renter and the rentee. Therefore, nothing tangible was earned by Les’ actions. What Les did earn, however, is the appreciation of all parties involved and the satisfaction of, in his words, “just doing what Rent It Today does – Making Renting Simple!”

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