Second Chance at Life with a Defibrillator Rental

Second Chance at Life

Facts about Matt Krueger…

  • Lives in Genoa, IL
  • Married
  • Has 4 children
  • In his thirties
  • Enjoys basketball
  • Died on March 2, 2013

Krueger may have passed in March of 2013, but this is not his obituary. Instead, it is the story of his revival back to life and the importance of having an automated external defibrillator (AED) available in every environment.

Krueger Family

Survivor Matt Krueger and his family (photo courtesy

You can’t pick the time and place to have a heart attack. Matt Krueger can attest to that. During an interview, Krueger said “I felt perfectly fine that morning so you never know when you’re life can change in an instant.”

During a typical Saturday morning game of basketball with the guys at Christ Community Church in St. Charles, Krueger went into cardiac arrest. Due to the quick thinking of some fellow players, chest compressions were started, and the church’s defibrillator was fetched. Demetrio Torres, a police officer that was on the scene as a teammate, is credited for orchestrating the life-saving event in a calm and composed manner. His expertise and training allowed him to lead the teammates in responding appropriately, therefore saving a friend’s life.

This is just one of countless stories in which having an AED on-site meant Daddy will be coming home later instead of an ill-fated alternative.

AED Rentals are Just a Heartbeat Away

Heartland Medical Used Medical Equipment The team at Heartland Medical know the importance of having a defibrillator readily available in all locations. They have been offering life-saving medical equipment for rent across our great nation for over 30 years now. Alongside defibrillators, they also provide anesthesia machine rentals, C-arm systems for rent, as well as additional surgical equipment. Their AED rentals are often sought during temporary situations that may include summer camps, outdoor adventures, out of town extracurriculars, special events, or even family picnics. If you, your family, your friends, or anyone you know needs a defibrillator, check out Heartland Medical’s corporate rental store on Rent It Today. With just the pulse of a few buttons, Rent It Today makes it simple to locate all your medical equipment needs.

As responding officer and teammate Torres said after the incident, “If they didn’t have that (AED) there, the outcome would’ve been terrible.” Let’s not put that theory to test. Contact Heartland Medical, and get your life-saving equipment today!

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