Even Superheroes Get Super Tired – Treat Your Mom this Mother’s Day

Mom Tattoo

Research has shown the absolute minimum resources necessary for physical well-being include meeting three traditional basic needs: food and water, shelter, and clothing. This may be true for some, but for mothers, it couldn’t be more inaccurate. If that really was the case, our great planet would be pretty scarce of Mamas.

  • Became a MomI am a Mother. Since becoming responsible for keeping two humans alive, the only food that I’ve consumed has been quickly prepared and eaten cold. I drink more wine than water, mostly because…well, I have children.
  • My shelter is overcrowded with princess everything, board games that take too damn long to play without cheating, and a whole bunch of little trinkety toys that seek out my bare feet and should be considered illegal.
  • As for my clothing – well, since having children, my size has changed, but my style hasn’t. If I’m not in “workout clothes” (that have never been through any form of workout), then you’ll find me squeezing into the same stuff I’ve worn for the past 10 years.Let me be clear, this is not by choice. First, I don’t have the time to go shopping, because I’m always taking care of my kids. And for anyone who just thought, “Just take them with you…” I’ll be dropping off my two year old son as you enter any facility other than a bouncy castle center. Second, I do not have the energy to go shopping, because I’m awakened throughout every night for a glass of water, a potty break, to comfort a nightmare, or check vitals of a sick kid. Third, I do not have the money to go shopping, because all my green goes towards more princess tiaras and death trinkets.

But guess what? I wouldn’t change my version of basic needs for anything.

Messy HouseMake Your Mum Feel Spavelous

This Mother’s Day, I don’t want a hot meal, new furniture, or even a pair of jeans that actually fit. I want quiet. I want pampering. I want to go to the bathroom by myself. None of these are possible at home. But they are feasible during a stint a day spa! (Notice, I said a day spa, and not a retreat or resort. Mama can’t be away from the nest for more than a few hours, unless she wants to return to a frazzled Daddy, a food covered toddler, a thousand Q-tips, diapers, cotton balls, forks, and some sort of goo strewn around the house, and a preschooler who found Mommy’s make-up.)

Here’s a list of some of the top day spas, per Spavelous.com, in the US that I’m certain would make your Mama smile.Superhero Moms

  1. Glen Ivy in California
  2. Hanalei Day Spa in Hawaii
  3.  27 Om Spa in New York
  4. Cape May Day Spa in New Jersey
  5. Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage in Arizona

To make Mother’s Day even more pampering and special for your personal lifeline, get her out of the minivan and into a hot ride that doesn’t remind her of Motherhood in the least. Even more, let someone else do the driving, and rent a limo for the day to pick her up and bring her relaxed and re-energized body home so she can get back to her daily job as a pro bono doctor, chef, entertainer, housekeeper, chauffeur, teacher, event planner, and handywoman – and those are just her accomplishments before 9am!

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