See the USA on the Back of a BMW Motorcycle

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Let’s face it. We could all use a little more vacation time. On any given day, most of us daydream about relaxing in a faraway destination on more than a few occasions. The problem is that for whatever reason, we can’t tear ourselves from our work. Perhaps we fear what may happen should we take some time away or maybe we’ve forgotten what it feels like to just let go. The feeling you get while running along a beach at sunrise or driving along the coast with the windows rolled down; the excitement of visiting a foreign city or riding on the back of a motorcycle for the very first time. These are the experiences that we remember. These are the experiences that keep us alive.

Burn Rubber on a BMW Bike

Since its launch in 2004, hundreds of thousands of travelers have toured a part of the world while riding on the back of the BMW R1200GS motorcycle. The best selling bike that BMW has ever built, the R1200GS was hailed by Cycle World as “the most successful motorcycle in the last two-and-a-half decades” and has been featured in both television shows and movies. The bike is powered by BMW’s boxer engine and newer models offer many different ride modes and suspension settings. The 2013 edition also features off-road traction control, linked brakes, and a more slender midsection. Most importantly, the bike is fun to ride and is widely considered the gold standard in adventure touring.

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