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Whether you operate a hospital, manage a restaurant or hotel, or provide uniforms for the employees of your small business, linens are just one of the many expenses to factor into your company’s budget. As you look for ways to cut costs, you might consider moving linen services in-house. Sure, it may seem like a safe play but it could end up costing you more in the long run. Don’t believe me? Consider these three points.


The initial cost to moving your linen service in-house is probably much higher than you think. From purchasing linens, equipment, and cleaning products to hiring a staff to sterilize, organize, and distribute the items, the investment in an in-house facility is huge. Companies that choose to use a linen service avoid these initial costs and can invest their savings back into their business.


OK, so you’ve determined the initial cost of in-house service isn’t much of a concern. You may have the necessary funds but do you have the necessary amount of space? Aside from room for washers and dryers, you also need an area to sort and store your linens. Will you need to hang shelves? Do you need to install racks? Will you need to build-out an entire space for processing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, that initial cost just got higher. Of course, you could always use a linen service. They have an existing processing facility and plenty of space to store your linens. Out of sight and out of the way.


Still convinced in-house is the way to go? Don’t forget about the cost of maintaining your inventory. Over time, your linens will undergo a lot of abuse. From rips and tears to holes and stains, linens are susceptible to damage with regular use. Do you have the means to replace damaged or missing linens? If not, you may want to consider a linen service that will inspect and replace your business’ linen inventory at no additional cost.

Linen FinderWhat’s that? You’ve decided to go with an outside linen service? We knew you’d come around.

Linen Service is a free online tool that allows businesses to locate the right linen and uniform service or supplier for their individual needs. From restaurants and hotels to hospitals and small businesses, Linen Finder covers all major U.S. markets and Canada and provides companies with the best possible options in their area. For more information on Linen Finder and to browse their list of services, check out their page on Rent It Today!

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