Rental Makes the Decision to GoPro a No-Brainer

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If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast – or just an avid viewer of YouTube videos – you’re likely familiar with GoPro cameras. Used by X Games athletes, Hollywood directors, musicians, and millions of people worldwide, GoPro cameras provide cinema-grade, panoramic footage from the user’s point of view. Sales of the camera have more than doubled every year since its debut in 2004 and in 2012 the company sold over 2 million units. From high atop mountains to hundreds of feet beneath the sea, GoPro cameras can be taken anywhere. You just have to get your hands on one first.

Go with the Pro

Outdoor Equipment Rentals is the go-to source for GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 cameras. For a low weekly rate, Outdoor Equipment Rentals (OER) offers an all-inclusive GoPro package featuring a GoPro camera, SD card, and all accessories including batteries, cables, chargers, waterproof housing, straps and mounts. Additionally, OER also offers a Motorsports suction cup mount, roll bar mount, chest mount, and LCD BacPack at no extra charge. Whatever your need and wherever your passion takes you, OER has the GoPro camera to capture every moment of the action.

Stay Safe Out There

Aside from GoPro cameras and accessories, Outdoor Equipment Rentals also offers a wide selection of personal locator beacons, EPIRBs, Nautilus Lifelines, SafeLinks, and Carbon Monoxide Analyzers at the lowest prices. From easy two-way shipping to a user-friendly booking calendar, the company is committed to customer satisfaction and wants to make sure every customer has a fun and safe adventure.

Ready to set out on your next big adventure? Be sure to check out the list of available products on the OER website !

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