How to Create a Burning Desire for Protection

Renters Insurance Protection

A Familiar Landmark Is Struck By Disaster

If you drive to the same place a few days each week, you undoubtedly begin to note a few landmarks. Might be something interesting, something quirky, or something that let’s you know you’re getting close to your destination.

I knew it was time to turn off the radio, locate the cell phone, and get focused on my daily goals whenever I passed by a large apartment complex each weekday on the way to my workplace. Typically within five minutes of passing this landmark, I was at my desk.

Comprised of several impressive four-story brick buildings containing at least 20 units each, the development was well maintained and looked like an inviting spot to live.

Things Can Change in a Flash

One memorable morning, the apartment building closest to the road was a blackened shell, having been consumed by fire the previous evening. No resident was unaffected. Every unit in the building and its contents were completely destroyed.

At that moment I hoped no one had been hurt, then quickly thanked Providence I had renters insurance. I pondered the poor unfortunates in that building who did not have renters insurance and had conceivably lost a good portion, if not all of their worldly possessions. But wait, surely they all had insurance. They had to, didn’t they?

Apartments Destroyed

Not according to an April 23, 2013 story in the Long Island Newsday:

Renters need protection too. Yet, a recent survey from shows about a third don’t have renter’s insurance. The landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your stuff or if someone slips and falls in your apartment. So do you need coverage?

“No, of course not, as long as you’re positive you’ll never damage the landlord’s property, the property of other tenants, injure another person on the premises or be a victim of a . . . theft of personal belongings from your dwelling or your car, and countless other life tragedies,” says Kevin Lynch, assistant professor of insurance at The American College in Bryn Mawr, Pa
Given that list, consider a renter’s policy. Here’s what you need to know: continue reading here


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  • Tiana Berwanger

    Great post, Bob. You’ve made it very clear how important renter’s insurance is. I hope this information has helped people that may not be sold on the idea. It is obviously a very wise investment!