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Fabulous Grandma

TGIF – This Grandma is Fabulous

Becoming a grandparent can be the most exciting chapter of your life. Instead of waking to a blaring alarm to start a long day of work, Grandma can sleep until the giggles of the grandchildren awaken her. Instead of being the chauffeur to the soccer games, Gramps can now sit on the sidelines as a spectator and super big hug-giver after little Maddie’s first goal. Instead of dealing with the kids’ tantrums over not being allowed to have cookies, Grandparents are expected to fuel their grandchildren with cookies and other unhealthy treats. These definitely are the golden years! If you have difficulty with mobility, however, your days may not seem quite so bright. Enter 101 Mobility – the sun to light up your life.

Thank Your Lucky Stars

If you live in Wilmington, NC and missing out on the joys of spending time with your family because of a mobility issue, consider yourself lucky. The luck is obviously not in the missed opportunities. Instead, you are fortunate to be living near medical supply and mobility equipment provider, 101 Mobility. 101 Mobility sells, installs, rents, and services a full line of mobility and accessibility products.

Keith Barnhart, Luke Sampson, and Dave Pazgan are the lucky charms behind the magic of 101 Mobility in Wilmington. These managing partners are dedicated to providing you with the equipment you need to maintain your independence, your freedom, and mostly – your mobility. They can set you up with the short or long term rental of a stair lift, wheelchair ramp, electric scooter, or any number of other supports. And they’re committed to your satisfaction by working under a set of core values that include exceeding expectations and operating with integrity.

Your Life is Waiting, Just “Round” the Corner

If for some reason you need more convincing, you can find satisfied customers’ testimonials on 101 Mobility’s comprehensive website that also includes pictures, product news, and a company blog. For a list of their inventory available for rent, please check Circle of Love Figurineout the 101 Mobility location serving your area.

An anonymous author once said, “Grandchildren complete life’s circle of love.” Don’t miss another moment of your grandchildrens’ lives. Contact 101 Mobility of Wilmington, NC  today, and complete your circle!

Rent It Today is also proud to serve 101 Mobility’s location serving the Atlanta Georgia metro area. Visit their rental store by clicking here.

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