Ozone Treatment a Clear Choice for Water Color Removal


Ozone Water Color Remediation

Ozone is Effective and Economical for Water Treatment.

Most of us at one time or another has had the experience of drawing a glass of water and not seeing a clear liquid in the glass. Coloration in water is not a desirable trait from an aesthetic point of view or from a health standpoint in many cases.

For those who operate water treatment plants, color in water is an important consideration due to the fact it generates a significant number of customer complaints regarding water quality if the customer’s water is not clear.

Causes of Water Discoloration

Many coloration problems are  associated with acids which are precursors to formation of chlorinated organics in drinking water. This makes their control important for more than simply appearances sake.

Water coloration is usually the result of either the presence of particulate matter or dissolved solids. Particulate matter coloration is known as apparent color since the color is a result of scattered light. Dissolved solid coloration is called true color.

Apparent color can be effectively treated by filtration with membranes having 0.45 micron pores. Conventional treatment methods like sedimentation and filtration can remove a significant portion of true color.  Activated carbon is an option, but has a short service life if used for this application, especially if the color level is high.

Ozone Water Treatment Oxidizes Color Causing Agents

Ozone is not only a very effective color oxidant; it offers the benefit of not creating chlorinated organic compounds. Ozone also has the highly desirable characteristic of lessening the amount of chlorine required to satisfactorily treat affected water.

In cases where conventional treatment methods do not produce water color which is acceptable to end users, additional treatment is indicated. Ozone is a very viable and economical option when used as part of a treatment train to eliminate virtually all water coloration.  When used in combination with activated carbon, ozone has been shown to provide up to 95% overall removal of color.

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Ozone Water Treatment Rentals From Ozone Solutions

Ozone Solutions is a leading supplier of turnkey ozone systems for the ground water remediation, bottled water and food processing industries. In addition to a growing line of rental solutions, they carry hundreds of products specifically suited for ozone applications.

For over 15 years, Ozone Solutions has expanded their knowledge and expertise in ozone applications, making them well suited to understand the complexity of integrating ozone into your process.

When contacting Ozone Solutions for the first time, they realize you are very curious about ozone, and usually have a lot of questions. They start by taking small steps to ensure you are confident ozone will work for you. Their philosophy is to crawl, walk, then run.

Only after you have seen the results and verified the contaminant reduction, will they provide a quote for a full-scale system. This method is time tested and ensures you are convinced that ozone works in each stage of your process.

Ozone Solutions carries an impressive variety of ozone equipment for pilot testing, or even short term projects. From large ozone generators to complete ozone injection devices, they can supply equipment for virtually any requirement.

The majority of Ozone Solutions equipment and turnkey systems include a money-back satisfaction guarantee. They will strive to make sure you are completely satisfied.

To learn more, visit Ozone Solutions; click here to go to their web site.

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