RelayRides Makes Running Errands Easier for Urbanites


A little over two years ago, I made the decision to sell my car and move into the city. I wanted to move closer to my job at a small marketing firm downtown and rid myself forever of car payments, repair bills, $40 fill-ups, and insurance premiums. Fortunately, I was able to find a home about six city blocks from our office and within walking distance to everything I would need. Well, everything except a grocery. Sure, I’ve been able to bum a ride or borrow a car from a friend when I’ve needed to fill the fridge, but I don’t always want to wait on others to get across town. With RelayRides, I don’t have to.

A Nationwide Network

Launched in March of 2010, RelayRides connects car owners with users who’d like to rent a vehicle for a day, a week, or even an hour. Currently, cars in the RelayRides network are available in over 1,300 cities and towns across the United States. To protect car owners, RelayRides offers a $1,000,000 limited liability insurance policy and screens each renter against strict eligibility criteria. RelayRides also ensures renters are protected by providing a choice of three different insurance packages, car standards and reviews, and 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance and customer support.

How It Works

Listing and renting a car on RelayRides is simple. In just a few, short minutes, owners can create a profile online and list their vehicle for rent. Renters looking for a car can filter by features, types, and recent reviews to find the perfect vehicle. Once a renter makes a selection, the owner is notified and has the option of approving or denying the reservation request. Once a reservation has been confirmed, the owner meets with the renter to hand over the keys and wish them safe travels. At the end of the trip, the renter refills the tank and returns the car to the owner. It’s that easy.

Want to earn a little extra cash by renting your car or need a set of wheels to take a day trip? Visit RelayRides today!

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