Apps and Websites That Can Help You Find a Parking Spot to Rent

Parking lot photo courtesy of Slate

Parking lot photo courtesy of Slate

Quick show of hands: How many of you have circled a city block several times prior to an event downtown to find a parking spot? How many of you have sat idle for several hours as you waited for traffic to file out of a lot or garage after a sold-out concert or sporting event? How many of you simply refuse to go into the city because you just don’t feel like dealing with the aggravation of finding a spot to park? Wow. That’s a lot of hands. Thanks to the beauty of technology, however, visitors to most major cities across the U.S. may never feel this type of frustration again. So go ahead and plan that trip into the city – just be sure to check out available parking apps and websites before you hit the road.

Better In Private

Find online directories of thousands of parking spots, including private spaces, public garages, and event lots, throughout the United States. The purpose of parking site is to connect people who need parking in cities across the country to individuals who offer spaces for rent. The sites enable users to browse parking options such as private lots, driveways, garages, or other spaces near any address, landmark, or neighborhood in many major cities in America. Some of these sites also provide parking tips to help users avoid unnecessary tickets, scams, or other parking headaches when visiting a particular city.

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