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You’ve been planning your latest landscaping project all winter. The sketches are finished, the plants and flowers have been ordered, the mulch has been delivered, and the season is changing. Shovels, rakes, and spades are lined up neatly in a row on a wall inside your garage and the garden hose is hooked up and ready to go. As you slip on your gloves and make your way across the lawn, you get the feeling you’ve forgotten something: A wheelbarrow. You definitely don’t want to fork over money for something you’ll only use a few times, yet you can’t afford to push back the project any longer. Instead of biting the bullet and heading to Home Depot, borrow it.

Don’t Buy, Borrow

Loanables is an online listing service that allows people to post things for rent. Loaners decide their own rental terms, including price and the amount of a security deposit, and can approve or deny any individual request made by a borrower. Both loaners and borrowers are protected by a comprehensive and legally binding loan agreement that protects both parties by clearly laying out rental terms and covering cases of loss, damage, or injury that could occur when loaning an item. Loanables also allows users to provide ratings and reviews of one another so that all members can borrow and loan with confidence.

Register For a Free Account

Have an item you’d like to loan out or looking to borrow a tool for that unexpected repair?  Simply create a free online account at and you’re ready to go. Loanables will never ask for a member’s credit card number or any other financial information and uses only secure payment channels such as Square or PayPal. Finally, Loanables not only helps user’s save money by borrowing things that need infrequently and make money by loaning out items that sit unused in a garage or basement, it also helps the environment by promoting the idea of reusing rather than consuming.

Still need that wheelbarrow? Visit and search their listings today!

If you don’t have any luck in your area, check out the tool rental listings at Rent It Today.

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