No Sh*t? I Didn’t Know You Could Rent a Toilet!

Toilet Bowl(With a concept like toilet renting, you had to expect some variation of that title.)

When you hear the phrase “rent a toilet,” what comes to mind? I, personally, envisioned a white porcelain being backed up to my front door from a truck donning a caricature of a man named John sitting on the pot. I’m only admitting that, because some of my colleagues visualized a similar sight. Some of the more potty inclined minds of my workplace pictured a more accurate scenario, better known as “port-o-lets” or “port-o-potties.”

Sweet Smell of Success

Although it’s booming now, it hasn’t always been a pretty sight in the toilet renting business. Just ask John Sharp, Jr., vice president of Comfort House, a portable toilet rental company serving Central Florida. During an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Sharp refers to his business as “stinky” when the construction industry declined a couple years back. In “loo” of a couple rough years, Sharp now happily reports business isn’t nearly as backed up. What a relief for him!

Why You Should Give a Cr*p

So why should you care about this topic? Well, because at some point in your life, you’re gonna need one. This is especially true if you are the parent of a child that insists they don’t need to go before you head to the local carnival. In this case, you should be happy portable thrones were ever invented.

On the other hand, carnivals typically include a petting zoo, so the smell of poop is often already wafting through the air alongside a pinch of funnel cake. But still, can’t ignore a soiled screaming child and a ruined experience.

Not Always a Putrid Idea

Some of us would rather pop a squat and risk an indecent exposure citation than use a portable toilet. For those working in construction however, port-o-potties are a God-send, especially if they’ve lunched at Taco Bell.

Whether you are looking for a construction site commode or can come up with some reason that you need one at your house, you can find them available for rent through Rent It Today. I’m not kidding. In fact, I’m as serious as an obstructed bowel. Check them out here for proof.

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