Ozone Water Treatment Removes Organic Compounds

Where to rent an ozone water treatment system

 Ozone Water Treatment Is An Effective Solution To Many Water Problems

Reducing organic compounds in water treatment applications is effectively accomplished through the use of ozone. This is due to ozone’s ability to oxidize organics.

In order to properly evaluate the organic levels in untreated water, two measures are commonly employed. One is called chemical oxygen demand (COD), while the second is known as biological oxygen demand (BOD).

COD measurement utilizes a combination of aggressive chemical oxidants and high temperatures to totally oxygenate organic compounds in a sample and measure the equivalent oxygen amount required for the process to occur, i.e. the chemical oxygen demand.

The BOD method oxygenates the sample with bacteria which then digest the organic compounds. This digestion produces carbon dioxide. Over a period of 1-5 days the BOD of the water is indicated.

A COD result can exceed a BOD value due to that fact some compounds are not as readily oxidized by bacteria. A large COD:BOD ratio is indicative of the presence of organic compounds which are not as biodegradable.

Ozone Breaks Down Resistant Compounds to a Biodegradable Form

Ozone typically is more effective addressing compounds which are not biodegradable. A specific oxidant, ozone targets select molecules. In the case of compounds which are responsible for color, taste, and odor in water, ozone may target only parts of molecules.

The process of organic compound breakdown can itself lead to the formation of additional biodegradable compounds like ketones, aldehydes and carboxylic acid.

Because specific oxidants only target molecules or portions of molecules, they offer an advantage in that less oxidant is necessary. This means ozone can be used as a pretreatment for a biological process in treating water as compounds resistant to being broken down are rendered biodegradable.

Combining ozone with UV light or peroxide will convert it to the indiscriminate oxidant hydroxyl radical, which will address just about every organic compound.



Where to rent an ozone generator

Ozone Solutions is a leading national supplier of turnkey ozone systems for the ground water remediation, bottled water and food processing industries. In addition to a growing line of rental solutions, they carry hundreds of products specifically suited for ozone applications.

For over 15 years, Ozone Solutions has expanded their knowledge and expertise in ozone applications, making them well suited to understand the complexity of integrating ozone into your process.

When contacting Ozone Solutions for the first time, they realize you are very curious about ozone, and usually have a lot of questions. They start by taking small steps to ensure you are confident ozone will work for you. Their philosophy is to crawl, walk, then run.

Results Oriented Methodology

Only after you have seen the results and verified the contaminant reduction, will they provide a quote for a full-scale system. This method is time tested and ensures you are convinced that ozone works in each stage of your process.

Ozone Solutions carries an impressive variety of ozone equipment for pilot testing, or even short term projects. From large ozone generators to complete ozone injection devices, they can supply equipment for virtually any requirement.

The majority of Ozone Solutions equipment and turnkey systems include a money-back satisfaction guarantee. They will strive to make sure you are completely satisfied.


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