FunFlicks Brings the Big Screen to Your Backyard

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After forking over money for a ticket and overpriced popcorn from the concession stand, you find yourself seated in a crowded movie theater. The movie is sold out and apparently the gentleman behind you doesn’t have enough leg room. In the span of sixty seconds, he’s kicked the backside of your seat twice and has talked through the first two previews. Ten minutes later, the feature film begins and you already want it to end. Like most people, you prefer to watch a blockbuster on the big screen but you’re beginning to wonder if it’s too much of a hassle. You ask yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to bring this experience to my backyard?” Yes it would – and now you can.

Make It a Movie Night

FunFlicks is a full service indoor and outdoor movie event provider with locations across the United States. The company provides audio visual movie equipment rentals for indoor and outdoor cinema including portable inflatable movie screens, premium HD projection equipment, concert-grade sound systems, and an event crew to host your movie night or party rental. From delivery to set-up to hosting, FunFlicks takes care of the hard work allowing you to spend more time entertaining your guests and having a good time.

A Blockbuster Event for Any Budget

Rental prices for an indoor or outdoor movie party for up to 100 guests start at $299 and include an inflatable screen, projector, sound system, and technician. For larger events and parties, FunFlicks also offers Premiere, Blockbuster, Elite, and Epic events packages starting at $599. Forgot to pick up snacks? Not a problem. For as little as a dollar per guest, FunFlicks will provide a theater style popcorn machine, great tasting popcorn, and serving bags. The company also offers a rain date guarantee for a small additional fee.

FunFlicks currently has over 100 locations in over 30 states across the U.S. To find a nearest location or book your event, visit

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4 thoughts on “FunFlicks Brings the Big Screen to Your Backyard

  • Tiana Berwanger

    @LesCourtney Absolutely – my daughter especially loves it, because the main character has crazy curly hair, just like her! We’ve watched it at least 337 times since it came out last year.

  • Tiana Berwanger

    This post just allowed me to decide the theme to my daughter’s next birthday party – Outdoor Princess Movie Night! All the princesses in the neighborhood are going to love watching Ariel and Cinderella across a huge movie screen outside, while munching on cotton candy and popcorn. Mom Of The Year right here!