California Dreamin’: Vintage Surfari Wagons offers VW Camper Buses for Rent

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Photo courtesy of Vintage Surfari Wagons

This morning was likely the same as any other. The irritating sound of your clock radio alarm woke you from a night of restless sleep. From bed to bathroom to kitchen, you completed your morning routine and staggered out the front door. It’s a sunny day in Southern California but you don’t notice. Your car sits on the street and as you unlock the driver’s side door, you take a glance at the reflection. A shave is long overdue and so is a vacation. You mutter an expletive under your breath and climb inside. The commute to work is only 45 minutes if you leave a little early but over two hours if running late. You mutter another expletive for hitting the snooze button. It’s going to be a long day. You need a shave – and a vacation.

Really Truly Fully Loaded

Vintage Surfari Wagons offers restored VW camper buses for rent or hire from their Los Angeles area location. The campers come with recently updated or revamped interiors, new mechanical upgrades, and loaded with supplies and gear. Each camper includes a sink, stove, ice box or refrigerator, and dining table and is stocked with several essentials such as pots, pans, utensils, paper towels, cleaning supplies, maps, a safety kit, and a coffee pot. For a few extra dollars, travelers can rent sleeping bags, camp chairs, surf or bike racks, and many other items.

Ticket to Paradise

Vintage Surfari Wagons has an extensive fleet of 1970s and 1980s models of campers and offers several rental packages depending on the season. Daily rates start at $100 for a three-day rental period in low season and run just $950 for seven days in high season. Rates include all taxes, insurance, and 125 free miles per rental day. The company also offers a “Stand-by” service for shorter trips and one-way hires for journeys starting or ending in San Francisco.

Ready to spend your day touring and surfing the beaches along the California coast? You’re right – that was a stupid question.

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