Coworking Movement Continues to Grow

Looking for a space to launch your first start-up? There’s good news.

According to an article in Deskmag, an online magazine about coworking, its people, and places, there are now over 1,300 co-working spaces worldwide. The concept of coworking allows  architects, designers, developers, and other professionals avoid the hassles and burden of a lease.  Instead, coworking members space pay a fee to cover the cost of rent while sharing the amenities of the space.

About 50% of the 1,300 co-working spaces are located in cities with more than one million inhabitants, according to the Global Coworking Study. In the United States, however, coworking is growing in small cities. In fact, the study shows that one in eight new coworking spaces in 2011 opened in a city with 20,000 residents or less. The study also found that the more coworking spaces which exist in one city, the more profitable each space becomes.

Aside from desk space, some coworking spaces, such as WeWork, which operates four spaces in New York and another in San Francisco, offer special events, healthcare programs for clients, and other incentives for members including free off-street parking, kitchen areas, child care, and rooftop terraces.

According to Deskmag, the average coworking space has about 5.3 companions in each location and most of these spaces are under twelve months old. Most coworking spaces offer a large centralized open work area and add smaller private workspaces as the demand for more desks grows.

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