Extended Scanner Rental Program Now Available from E-Z Photo Scan

Memory Lane Street SignToday’s guest post comes from Rick Lippert, owner of E-Z Photo Scan in Alamonte Springs, FL.

E-Z Photo Scan offers photo scanning equipment across the entire state, and has just introduced a new extended rental option.

Rent It Today is proud to market E-Z Photo Scan’s scanner rental inventory. By adding a new monthly rental option, they are making the appropriate strides necessary to help you or your organization preserve precious memories.

E-Z Photo Scan of Altamonte Springs has taken the next step toward providing high quality, affordable photo scanning solutions to individuals and communities by introducing its new extended scanner rental program. This new program provides monthly rental options to suit the needs of individuals and organizations with large volume scanning projects that can’t be completed in a week or less.

For years, E-Z Photo Scan has worked with community centers, historical societies, museums, and individuals to help them organize and preserve their photos and documents. For many, digitizing photographic archives can prove to be a daunting and time-consuming task that can be prohibitively costly when delegated to professional services. In the past, the only options were purchasing the equipment, or paying an expert to do the archiving.

EZPhotoScan.com has made scanners available for short-term rentals for several years, which provided a welcome alternative to many home and organizational archivists. But a growing need for long-term rental alternatives had EZPhotoScan.com’s Vice President-Operations, Troy Lippert, working on creating a long-term rental solution.

Like the short-term rental program, this new long-term scanner rental solution brings EZPhotoScan.com’s high-quality, high-speed digitization capabilities to the door-steps of households and group organizations looking to preserve high volumes of photographs, documents and memorabilia, including:

  • Historical societies and groups (libraries, schools, museums and community outreach programs).
  • Preservation organizations (family genealogy associations, digital archivists and social archiving communities).
  • Individuals (family archivists and collaborative family projects).
  • Businesses (extended preservation projects, trial business models and additional revenue streams).

While the short-term program options include day, weekend, or week- long scanner rentals, the new extended rental options offer three, six, and twelve month package selections.

“Our extended rental packages create new opportunities for those looking for an easy and comprehensive way to use professional, high quality, high speed scanners quickly and very cost effectively,” Lippert says. “This package comes with the scanner, computer and software, making it possible for the individuals or businesses renting it to be scanning in a just a few hours.

“They are making or saving money instantly.”

Each E-Z Photo Scan Rental Package includes:

  • A KODAK scanner specifically engineered to quickly and professionally process volumes of photos and treasured documents up to 8 x 10 inches in size.
  • A laptop computer with high resolution display and all software, drivers and a CD/DVD burner installed and ready to go. Users simply turn on the laptop, plug-in the scanner and start scanning.
  • Image software to create better, brighter pictures with vibrant colors and rich details.
  • Picture Saver Scanning System Care Kit containing basic components (feed roller cleaning pads, detailer wipes and transport cleaning sheet).
  • One (1) Gold Preservation DVD capable of holding many thousands of scanned photos 24 karat gold reflective layer and patented Phthalocyanine dye formula which extends storage life to well in excess of 100 years.
  • A complete set of guidelines to assist users in getting started and producing high quality scans.

E-Z Photo Scan offers scanning equipment rental options to meet a wide range of needs:

  • The Short-term options include day, weekend, or week long rentals that provide customers with professional-grade photo scan equipment. This rental package allows users to scan thousands of photographs, documents and memorabilia within the rental period.
  • The long-term option provides monthly scan equipment rental opportunities. This option provides community groups and organizations with the opportunity to use the professional-grade Kodak PS50 Picture Scanner in historical and preservation outreach programs, marketing campaigns and other long-term archiving projects. Individuals and businesses can choose the long-term rental option for their own extended scanning projects – whether it’s archiving decades of precious family photos, children’s’ art works and important documents, or corporate files and important financial and business-related documents.

Renters are guaranteed support from E-Z Photo Scan, including operation and workflow planning, technical assistance and equipment unit replacement if necessary.

For more information on rental options for Kodak high volume, high speed photo scanners, visit the EZPhotoScan.com website, call 1-866-562-4660, or Email info@EZPhotoScan.com.

About EZPhotoScan.com:

Founded in 1995, EZPhotoScan.com has turned the task of managing documents into an art form. The EZPhotoScan.com group was formed to offer best-in-class solutions for scanning pictures, printed memories, and sensitive documents. EZPhotoScan.com provides full service assistance to individuals looking to do their own scanning, have it done for them, or start their own conversion service.

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4 thoughts on “Extended Scanner Rental Program Now Available from E-Z Photo Scan

  • TianaBerwanger

    @ezphotoscan No prob – love what you have to offer. I could definitely use your services for the countless pictures I have of my kiddos.

  • Patrick Allen

    I think it is great that E-Z Photo Scan (http://www.facebook.com/ezphotoscan?ref=ts&fref=ts) is working with community centers, historical societies, museums, and individuals to help them organize and preserve their photos and documents. What a great way Rick Lippert is staying in the face of his community!