Stair Lifts Put You One Step Closer to Safety & Peace of Mind

The Steps to Happiness

Keeping Your House Your Home

Living with impaired mobility can be difficult enough. Having doctors and loved ones recommend moving out of your home and into an assisted living or ranch-style house to accommodate your needs can be even more disheartening. Before uprooting your entire life to support your situation, consider installing a stair lift in your home.

Stair lifts allow effortless travel of steps. Equipped with a seat, backrest, arm rest, footrest, and a seat belt, they offer ease, comfort, and safety when negotiating staircases. Stair lifts are available with numerous options including electric or battery-operation, outdoor application, and some are even designed to transport wheelchairs between floors.

When Renting a Stair Lift is Advantageous

Renting a stair lift is often a wiser choice over purchase. For example, if you are healing from a procedure or injury and your condition is temporary, buying a stair lift would be a costly and unwise investment. Likewise, if you are not completely sold on the idea of the benefits of using a stair lift, uncertain on the future of your condition, or would like to test out different models of lifts, a rental is the ideal option.

Stair lift rentals are also beneficial to otherwise healthy individuals simply experiencing the natural aging process and concerned with the safety of climbing the stairs of their house. Knowing you can carefully and efficiently move about the different floors of your home can ease your mind, as well as the minds of loved ones that care about your well-being.

The Williams Difference

Williams Surgical CompanyIf you reside in New Jersey, including Newark, Plainfield, Belle Mead, and surrounding central areas, Williams Lift Company has a stair lift solution for you.

Williams Lift Company is a division of Williams Surgical, and has been providing their customers name brand lift rentals, as well as additional medical equipment, for over 60 years. Backed by an abundance of positive customer reviews and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, you can start the journey to your independence, freedom, and peace of mind by visiting their showroom, company website, or rental inventory on Rent It Today.

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  • Tiana Berwanger

    @Jason Glass Although I don’t have any mobility difficulties at this time in my life, I have no idea what the future holds. I’m happy to know companies like Williams Surgical and Lifts is out there to provide for those in need.

  • Tiana Berwanger

    @LesCourtney This company has a fantastic reputation! Check out all their customer testimonials  at

  • LesCourtney

    As someone who has a mother that has limited mobility I love hearing about companies that do work like this.