Wheelchair Ramp Rentals and Handicap Accessible Ramps

We always enjoy featuring helpful rental services on this blog. This post is about wheelchair accessible ramp rentals and Home Medical Equipment.  Durable medical equipment rentals, mobility scooters, health care supplies, and portable handicap accessible ramps are listed on RentItToday.com from a variety of reputable medical supply distributors throughout the United States.

 Where To Find Portable Wheelchair Ramp Rental

AmRamp is a national leader in the wheelchair ramp industry.  They provided the following article which spotlights their services and discusses the benefits of mobile wheelchair ramps…

Wheelchair Ramp Rentals Provide a Solution to Summer Travel Plans

As summer 2013 kicks off, it’s surprising to hear lots of folks haven’t made plans yet, or so the headlines read. From the economy to other disasters, summer travel remains a popular topic, although plans are traditionally already made by now.

Maybe folks have taken a cue from folks who had to rearrange their New Jersey travel plans due to Hurricane Sandy. Perhaps fear of getting stuck in Europe after another blast of volcano ash is holding up vacation arrangements. Maybe finding a suitable place to stay is the issue.

Families who require accessible accommodations typically have trouble finding vacation homes for a variety of reasons. Most vacation homes or cottage rentals are not accessible and therefore not suitable for those living with a disability.   That’s where Amramp.com can help: Amramp can install a rental wheelchair ramp almost anywhere, with no damage to the rental property, whether you need it for a day, week or month.

A wheelchair ramp rental can keep traditions intact like gathering family at the same lakeside cottage for generations, overcoming failing health or recovering from accidents and surgeries.

Now is a good time to think of last-minute alternatives that can include the whole family, even if you have special mobility needs. Renting a wheelchair ramp could make a beach house or cabin in the mountains accessible for everyone. A vacation cottage can easily be made accessible with a sturdy, modular wheelchair ramp from Amramp.

Find Wheelchair Ramp Installers

If you or a loved one has a disability or a broken a leg, there is no reason to be left out of the fun. And the cost of renting a wheelchair ramp is very reasonable… usually less than staying in a cramped hotel room for several days.

Amramp rents and sells steel wheelchair ramps with railings that can be installed by our professionals within a day. Unlike smaller, lightweight ramps, Amramp wheelchair ramps are adaptable for use in settings such as sandy beachfront property or uneven terrain by a lake retreat. Wheelchair Ramps from Amramp are not permanently attached to a house and will not negatively impact a rental home in any way. The modular design of the wheelchair ramp is perfect for a short term rental and provides the safest solution available for your needs or those of a family member or guest.

Amramp, offers a fast, easy and safe wheelchair ramp solution to improve people’s lives.  Amramp is a national organization with local, factory-trained professionals and with local inventory throughout the country.

To learn more about Amramp‘s modular steel wheelchair ramp system you can go directly to www.AmRamp.com, or visit our blog. You can also view all of AmRamp’s Wheelchair Ramp Rentals at RentItToday.com

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