Kraft Medical Sees You Through Renting Lead Aprons & Imaging Equipment

Abdominal X-RayHave you ever wondered why you have to wear protective material when receiving an x-ray? What, exactly, is it that we need protection from? Turns out, that uncomfortable garment is actually lifesaving and worth the couple of seconds it takes to don it.

The Barrier Between You And Harm

The item placed on a patient before performing an x-ray is termed a lead apron, based on the element from which it is composed. Lead is extremely dense, and therefore acts as a barrier between the body and the rays of radiation emitted during an x-ray or other imaging procedure.

X-ray radiation can strip away electrons from atoms, and thus be extremely harmful to the human body. Likewise, radiation can be particularly harmful to the growing fetus of a woman that is pregnant.

Damaging Effects OF Radiation

Child Wearing Lead ApronRadiation exposure is cumulative, meaning each time your body comes in contact with it, it is stored and any additional contact throughout your lifetime is added to it. It is prudent that individuals take appropriate precautions when receiving any form of imaging to keep exposure to a minimum.

If not protected, exposure to radiation at certain levels can cause changes in blood chemistry, hair loss, hemorrhage, intestinal issues, internal bleeding, cancer, and death.

Where To Locate Lead Apron Rentals

If you are a medical facility in need of lead apron rentals or additional imaging equipment, check out the inventory available from Kraft Medical Products.

Located in Minnesota, Kraft Medical Products serves numerous states and offers full service imaging solutions including equipment, professional on-site staffing, disposables, and lead protection. Their rental options include one-time, weekly, or monthly use, and can include setup, training, and equipment operation.

Kraft Medical ProductsOn their company web site, they outline some of the reasons you should choose Kraft Medical for your imaging service needs:

– Low cost opportunity to preview top of the line equipment
– Low cost opportunity to pursue new services
– Minimizes debt and keeps equipment off the balance sheet
– Allows capital budget to remain free for other uses
– Services are an operational expense – not capital expense

By visiting their rental store on Rent It Today, you can view Kraft Medical Products’ lead aprons, as well as their additional medical equipment for rent including surgical C-arm systems and imaging tables.

Let Kraft Medical Products and Rent It Today make your search for imaging equipment, protection, and services simple!

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