Is Spider-Man Hanging Holiday Lights and Decorations ?

Holiday Lighting Crane

It’s Not Done with Helicopters or Extension Ladders.

When you think of the holiday season, construction cranes likely aren’t among the items or images which pop into your head. However, the other day this writer drove past a crane which towered over the skyline and had been beautifully decorated with holiday lighting. T’was quite an impressive and beautiful sight.

Seeing a beautifully lit crane makes one reflect not only on the thoughtfulness of the contractor who takes the time to observe the holidays by adorning their heavy equipment with beautiful decorative lighting, it also makes one wonder just how the lights are strung so high in the air and exactly who does it. Spiderman?

Further reflection brought back memories of seeing city workers hanging holiday decorations in the municipality where I live, as well as surrounding communities. And what piece of heavy equipment were they using to string lights, hang holiday signs, and other festive decorations? A crane!

Is There a Bucket Truck On Your Bucket List ?

Now of course these cranes are smaller than the ones you see on major construction sites and are typically part of what is known as a bucket truck. Nevertheless the mechanism which elevates the workers to their destination is in fact a crane.

Terex Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of cranes, calls these bucket trucks Telescopic Aerial Devices and makes several variations for the market. Other types of heavy equipment used by cities to erect decorations and banners are called portable material lifts, scissor lifts, and articulating booms.

Back to the Mystery.

Alas, the December observances come but once a year. When it’s time to take down the Yuletide decorations and lights, the bucket trucks once again are called into action. As far as who takes down the lights on the big cranes like the one that inspired this article, maybe a Spider-Man fan can let us know if he is involved. Leave a comment below if you can help on this mystery.

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