Where to Find Durable Home Medical Equipment Rentals in Albany, NY

Woman Receiving Assistance to Walk Up StepsDo you or a loved one suffer from a condition that is making it increasingly difficult to climb the stairs of your home? Are you hiding or ignoring the pain, because you don’t want to face having to leave the place you love and have made a lifetime of memories? With the simple addition of a home stairlift rental, you don’t have to leave!

A Variety of Stair Lift Rentals

Stairlift rentals are available in a variety of formats to accommodate different levels of mobility support. To name a few, there are standard stair lifts for rent, outdoor stair lift rentals, and rental stair lifts capable of maneuvering turns and platforms.

A standard stairlift, also known as a chairlift, is equipped with a seat, armrests, a footrest, a backrest, and a seatbelt. Most have the ability to be folded when not in use, therefore making the environment safe for those who climb the steps on foot. They are typically mounted to rails that are attached to the wall.

An outdoor stairlift rental differs from an indoor model in the following ways: it has a molded seat that can sustain changing weather conditions, a shielded rack fro debris prevention, corrosive resistant materials, and a cover for protection.

Curved stairlifts are usually crafted to fit the specifics of the home in which they are installed, with the ability to be mounted on either side of the steps. As with other models of rental stairlifts, they can be fashioned to match interior design, as well as comfort, and can include options such as a swivel seat, automatically folding, and adjustable chair height.

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