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A patient lift is a medical equipment device that assists individuals with mobility difficulties during transfer. They are available in different formats, and often utilized in hospitals, elderly care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and for home health care.

By renting a patient lift it is beneficial to both patient and the healthcare provider. Not only does it provide opportunities for the individual utilizing it, but it prevents back and other bodily injuries to the medical personnel or loved one assisting the individual. Although it takes longer to move the person with a lift than if they were transferred manually, it fosters the health and well-being of the care provider, which can save both physically and monetarily in the long-run.

Having a patient lift available for rent makes home health care much easier, and is a considerable benefit to healthcare, medical, and rehabilitation facilities working with individuals requiring mobility supports. With certainty, as technology evolves, so does medical equipment. In order to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest equipment, it is more feasible to rent patient lifts instead of making the costly investment to purchase them only to soon find out a more modern, possibly even safer model is available. Patient lift rentals are also advantageous when patient services must be provided but current equipment is out of commission due to routine maintenance or repair.

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In the medical field, a patient lift can also be referenced as a hoist or hydraulic lift, and fall under one of two categories - either a sling lift or a sit-to-stand lift. These assistive devices allow patients that require mobility support in hospitals, nursing homes, and during home health care to be gently lifted and transported. Whether it is from a hospital bed, a wheelchair, lift chair, or commode, these lifts make daily functions easier and help eliminate injuries to both the caregiver and the patient. 

A sling lift is sometimes called a Hoyer lift, which refers to the most popular brand. When a patient uses a sling lift, they are placed inside a hanging piece of material that is attached to the body of the lift, and transported while suspended in air. They are available free standing or installed on the ceiling, and aptly named a ceiling lift.

The sit-to-stand lift is designed to help patients that have some mobility but lack the strength or muscle control to rise to a standing position. Unlike the sling lift, straps, vests, or belts are utilized for transition.

Patient lifts are available with either manual or power operation. Manual patient lifts are entirely controlled by a caregiver. These lifts are most appropriate when cost is a significant factor, the circumstances won’t allow easy access to a power source, or the lift is being used to transfer the patient from one room to another. Electrical patient lifts are powered through a standard electrical outlet or by a rechargeable battery. They are controlled via a hand control which can be managed by the caregiver or the patient themself.

How to Rent A Lift Chair ? What Is the Rental Rate ?

Lift Chair Rental

When the ability to get up and down from a chair is an issue, renting a lift chair is the perfect solution. A lift chair features a powered lifting mechanism that pushes the entire chair up from its base, allowing the user to easily move to a standing position. It also slowly lowers to help individuals into a seated position. Lift chairs aid in comfort and mobility, and can promote independence for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, or patients going withstanding recovery from a medical procedure.

Lift chairs are available in a number of formats including two position, three position, infinite position, and zero gravity. The difference in models is based on the level of reclining that it offers. In brief, a two position lift chair reclines from upright to 45 degrees, 3 position reclines from upright to a nearly flat position, infinite reclines from upright to any angle including completely flat, and zero gravity lift chairs allow a person’s feet to extend above their heart, therefore promoting better circulation. Today’s modern lift chairs are also available in various colors and with numerous options including type of fabric, size, heat, and even massage.

Can I Rent A Vehicle Lift ?

Mobility Vehicle Lift Rental

Being able to get out and about is a commodity most take for granted. When you live with or are experiencing short term mobility difficulties, however, you know how important being able to leave the house is to your livelihood. If you require a wheelchair or mobility scooter for transport, you do not have to be confined to the home. Instead, you can install a vehicle lift to transport your supportive mobility device to your preferred destination.

When determining the type of vehicle transport device you require for your mobility scooter or wheelchair, you first need to decide if you wish to use an external hitch mounted lift or an internal lift that attaches to the inside of the trunk. When you use an external hitch, your mobility equipment will be situated on the outside back of your vehicle. These are typically used with compact and sedan style cars. An internal lift will lift your mobility device into the trunk or back of your van or SUV. No matter the type, vehicle lifts are typically wired into the vehicle battery for power, and most come with an automatic locking feature and a platform that folds when not in use.