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Nashville Keyboard Rentals - Yamaha Motif 7ES - Rent Tennessee Musical Instruments:

Yamaha Motif 7ES: Keyboard for rent in Nashville, Tennessee.

Thompson Music Rentals:
Want to try a vintage blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb guitar amplifier, Twin Reverb electric guitar amplifier, Ampeg B-15 or SVT bass amplifier, Marshall Super Lead amp stack, Fender Telecaster, maybe a Martin D28 acoustic guitar, a boutique Bad Cat or Matchless guitar amplifier? Discover the difference when you rent a real Fender Rhodes or Wurlitzer 200 electric piano.

Considering an expensive purchase but want to try first? Rent a Neumann, AKG, Shure or Audio Technica microphone, Vox AC30 amplifier, Neve preamp, Avalon preamp, Grace or Vintech preamplifier.

Fender electric guitars and amplifiers, Gibson electric guitar and acoustic guitar, Marshall guitar amplifiers, Matchless guitar amplifiers, vintage Vox amplifier, Bad Cat electric guitar amplifier, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg bass amps, Martin acoustic guitar, Neve preamp, Neumann microphone, Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ - these classics and more available to rent.

Musical instrument rentals, sound or PA systems and recording gear for studio recording, live show, video and film shoots and more. Delivery in Nashville and Davidson county is usually no charge.

Thompson Music Rental is a full service musical instrument rental company in Nashville, Tennessee. Rent Guitars Electric Guitars, Acoustic Instruments, Drums, Keyboards, Amplifiers, Pedals and more. Nashville music rentals in Tennessee.

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