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Musical Instruments for Rent

Whether you are looking for a guitar, drum set, saxophone, or a trombone for rent, you have come to the right place. Rent It Today is your rental resource for finding musical instrument rentals.

Drum Set Rentals

Drums Sets for Rent

Learning to play the drums can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, it requires patience and dedication. That's whyrenting a drum set is a smart investment if you're unsure of your dedication. Drums cost a pretty penny for a good quality set. Rent It Today offers a large selection of drum sets for rent from most of the top manufacturers.

Guitar Rentals and Electric Guitars For Rent

Guitars for Rent

Have you been thinking about playing the guitar? Regardless if you're an experienced musician, composer or just learning to play the guitar , Rent It Today has a great selection of name brand guitar rentals. When you are considering renting a guitar you have a few things to think about. Do you want an Electric or Accoustic Guitar? If you are renting an electric guitar you will need an amplifier as well. Start your guitar rental search today.

Music Lessons

Rent Music Lessons

So you've been listening to classical, jazz or rock music for years and for whatever reason you now want to jam out. The only problem? You have no Idea how to play. Only the truly gifted can pick up a musical instrument and start jamming some riffs with no lessons. Music lessons are essential for becoming the best musician possible. Some of the best places to look for music lessons would be at high schools and even colleges. Some tutors will even give lessons outside of the classroom. With a private tutor you have someone focused on your success who can coach you and give you individual direction.