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Motorcycles for Rent

Not many experiences compare to the thrill of a motorcycle ride. For those that cannot afford to purchase one or simply want to see what all the excitement is about, a motorcycle rental is the next best option.

When you rent a motorcycle, you are making a wise financial decision for the following reasons: A motorcycle of any brand can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Riding is a recreational activity that is weather and season dependent, therefore it does not make sense to make a costly investment on an item that isn’t used consistently. Alongside the purchase price, expect to also incur costs for insurance, maintenance, and storage. Further, as with a new car, you can expect a considerable depreciation as soon as you drive off the lot.

Other good reasons for a motorcycle rental include the opportunity to try out different makes and models before a purchase, for a unique sightseeing adventure while on vacation, or to try a new form of riding different from your usual style.

When you’re ready to saddle up, Rent It Today is your ultimate motorcycle rental resource, marketing companies offering bikes from manufacturers including Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, and more. In addition you will find rider accessories, self storage units for motorcycles, and motorsport adventure touring companies.

Street Bike Motorcycle Rentals

Rent a Street Bike Motorcycle

If your riding intent includes pounding the pavement in some fashion, a street bike rental is where your search should begin.

Street bikes are meant to fulfill their namesake. They are designed to be ridden on the street, and used for a general purpose (i.e. commuting to work or leisure recreation). Street bike motorcycles can further be broken down with the most common classifications falling under sport or standard.

One of the greatest distinctions between street bikes includes the seat position. If you see a rider leaning forward with his feet towards the rear of the bike, you’re looking at a sport bike. A well-known manufacturer of sport bikes is Ducati. On the contrary, when you see someone on a Harley Davidson, or any other motorcycle that allows outstretched legs, a large seat, and higher handlebars, you are witness to someone riding a model of standard motorcycle.

Sport Bike Rentals and Dual Sport Bikes

Rent a Sport Bike Motorcycle

Known for their power and speed, a sport bike is what you see flash by you on the expressway, with amazing cornering ability and maneuverability. Different from other motorcycles, a sport bike is made up of a lightweight frame, larger front and rear wheels, and advanced suspension system for stability. Sport bikes are low maintenance, and therefore often a preferred choice for a novice biker. Some of the more popular brands of sport bike include Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki.

If you plan on taking your motorcycle off-road, then you need a dual sport bike rental. Although street legal with their inclusion of lights, mirrors, and license plate mounting, a dual sport bike is what you see ripping through rough terrain. The most versatile of all motorcycles, a dual sport bike will take you through the mountains, across the valley, and back to a paved surface in one trip with the same amount of comfort and reliability in each environment.

Rent a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Harley Davidson Rental

Turn your dream of riding a motorcycle into a reality by renting a Harley Davidson. A Harley Davidson motorcycle, also known just as a Harley, is ideal for long distance travels and cruising the roadway.  They are manufactured in the US, are recognized by their unique design, and are known for their trademark roaring pipes and engine sound. The development of the Harley has a long, rich history and heritage that includes surviving the Great Depression. That fact alone exemplifies how well-loved the Harley Davidson brand is.

When you see a Harley Davidson on the road, you are either looking at a sportster, softail, touring, revolution, or dyna bike. Each type offers distinct options and characteristics specific to that motorcycle model. Exuding both style and comfort, Harleys are available with a radio, seats with armrests, a windshield, saddle bags, and thousands of other accessories.

Rent It Today markets Harley Davidson motorcycles for every level of biker from novice to expert.

Rent A Ducati Motorcycle

Rent a Ducati

Do you have a need for speed? Rent a ducati motorcycle. Known as the “Ferrari of sportbikes,” a Ducati motorcycle rental is the way to go if you are looking for a fast and thrilling ride. Ducatis are known as one of the best performance bikes ever assembled. No matter what model you choose, expect to mount an eye-catching bike, and enjoy a racy ride.

Since the 1950s, Ducati has been hitting the pavement with momentum and fury. Similar to other manufacturers, Ducati offers a variety of makes and models for your choosing. Originally only offered in  a single cylinder design, Ducati now has V-Twin motorcycles. Different model types include Supersport, Monster, and Sport Classic. Although each bike remains timeless in the original look of a Ducati, these sportbikes are constantly evolving with the latest technology and engineering.

When you are ready to locate a Ducati rental dealer in your area, start and end your simple search on Rent It Today.

BMW Motorcycles

Rent a BMW Motorcycle

Similar to their vehicles, BMW is known for luxury. It’s no different when it comes to a BMW manufactured motorcycle. Produced by a top brand, you can expect top quality.

Available in both on and off road models, the BMW brand of motorcycles are famed for reliability, performance, and technology. Perks of the BMW ride include its earth friendly design which includes the use of catalytic converters to reduce emissions. The value you receive from a BMW motorcycle rental is incomparable, proven by its “industry-best 3 year/36,000 mile warranty” accolade. Further, although other manufacturers are adding them to their bikes, BMW was the first to include ABS brakes to their motorcycles, giving you a safer ride on loose and unpredictable surfaces.

Rent It Today markets BMW motorcycle rentals across the United States and Canada from local dealerships and motorcycle adventure touring companies.