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Find, search, locate and rent Sat Phones, Portable Two-Way Radios, Walkie Talkies,  Digital Repeaters, and Wireless Internet Cards.

Rent Cell Phones, iPhones, & Cellular Devices

Cell Phone Rentals

The first hand held cell phone was introduced in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper.  Dr. Cooper envisioned cell phones being used on an everyday basis. It took him 90 days to develop the first prototype for Motorola. The 800 MHZ portable hand set was big, bulky and very heavy.  As time evolved mobile cell phones have become sleek, powerful, and multi dimensional. Today's cellular phones are hand held computers with the ability to access the Internet , play  music, text,  email, game and much more. Celluar phones, like iPhones and Blackberry models, are also called "Smart Phones" because of their features and communication capabilities.

Satellite Phone Communication, SAT Phone Rentals

Rent a Satellite Phone

Satellite Phones, also know as "Sat phone", are quite similar to cellular telephones. The main difference between a mobile communication device like an irridium satellite phone and a mobile cell phone is the way it connects to a network. A mobile Sat phone connects by using orbiting satellites versus cell phones which connect by using "terrestrial" sites or cell phone towers. The functionality between a standard cell phone and a satellite phone are very similar. A satellite phone Rental can access internet, send text messages and place calls. The size of the satellite phone has evolved to be similar in size to today's mobile phones.

Satellite Phone Rentals have been an excellent resource for agencies like the Red Cross during disaster relief situations. When a natural disaster happens cell phone towers are typically knocked out leaving little to no communication with the outside world. Since satphones access the network by orbiting satellites, relief response teams can communicate safely.

Event Walkie Talkie Rentals, Portable Two-Way Radio Rentals

Rent a 2-Way Radio

Walkie Talkies & Two-Way Radios were first introduced in the 1940's. The walkie talkie was a technological life line during World War II. Today's Two Way Radios have evolved into smaller and more powerful walkie talkies with some now having range specifications that exceed 20 to 30 miles. Most two-way radio rentals are FRS/GMRS radios. That's because the two services share some frequencies, and radios using one service can be used to contact radios using the other service. Two-way radio rentals are used in a variety of situations and are a useful alternative to cell phones, especially when camping, hiking, special events, or when cell phone coverage is unavailable.

Wireless Internet Cards For Rent

Rent a Wireless Internet Card

Wireless Internet Cards or sometimes referred to as "Connection Cards" provide a mobile broadband network for your laptop or personal computer to access the Internet. Internet speeds start at 3G and are now transitioning to 4G networks. Wireless Internet Connection Cards come in several shapes and sizes. Popular designs are USB and Credit Card Size WIFI for locations known as "Hot Spots".

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