Grand Rapid Michigan GE OEC C-ARM Machine Rentals

Surgical-C-Arm Description

Business to Business Only

Full Size C-Arm For Rent in Grand Rapids MI. GE Surgical C-Arms are available from Kraft Medical Products daily, weekly or monthly from Kraft Medical Products throughout Grand Rapids and the surrounding Michigan area.

C-arms are medical devices that use a lower amount of radiation exposed to patients and professionals. These full size c-arms are capable of being adjusted to different settings depending on the application that is required.

Surgical-C-Arm Specifications:

GE OEC C-Arm Features:

- Swivel mount dual flat panel monitor system
- Smaller monitor cart
- Touch screen controls
- Keypad with touchpad cursor for PC oriented users
- Dynamic range management
- Motion Tolerance Subtraction for better imaging
- Preset image profile
- Motorized and un-motorized versions
- DVD/CD Burner

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