Patient Stand Up Assistant Lifter For Rent Columbus Ohio


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Sit-To-Stand-Lift Description

Model #: Stand Up Lift

Sit-To-Stand lift for rent in Columbus, OH. R And J Medical Services rents Stand Up Lifts making it easier for caregivers to transfer patients with limited mobility to a desired area. The Sit to Stand Lift is an ideal patient lift for caregivers to help patients with common task like toilet visits, hand washing, and changing clothes. Renting a stand up lift will reduce the incidences of slips, falls, and exertion injuries in your patients and staff alike. Stand up patient lifts (also known as stand assist lifts) allow patients to practice bearing weight during rehab, or to transfer while standing.

Delivery is available on all Sit-To-Stand Patient Lifts in the Columbus, Ohio region. To learn more about renting a sit-to-stand from R And J Medical Services please call 614-548-8679

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