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BiPAP Description

Model #: Infant Flow

Infant ventilation therapy machine rental in Philadelphia, PA. Integrated Services offers CareFusion Infant Flow SiPAP systems to provide noninvasive neonatal ventilatory support. This ventilation device comes with treatment options that protect an infant's fragile lungs.

The CareFusion Infant Flow SiPAP System provides noninvasive neonatal ventilatory support with its patented generator technology designed specifically for infants. The Infant Flow SiPAP System offers a comprehensive selection of modalities to provide noninvasive ventilatory support to your neonatal patient. These modalities present the clinician with treatment options to protect the neonate’s fragile lungs.

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BiPAP Specifications:

Proven Technology Features:

  • Reduces ventilator days and extubation failures
  • Improved oxygenation and ventilation in BiPhasic mode
  • Improved treatment of apnea of prematurity
  • Provides maximum pressure stability at the lowest work of breathingCareFusion Infant Flow SiPAP System

Advanced Noninvasive Treatment Options:

  • Choice of CPAP, BiPhosic or BiPhasic trigger
  • Grasby capsule for apnea detection
  • Patient synchronization in biPhasic tr*
  • Apnea and low breath rate detection
  • Safe and versatile
  • Up to 2 hours of battery back up
  • Fully integrated patient monitoring for easy patient assessment
  • Fully integrated alarm systems for patient safety

CareFusion Infant Flow SiPap System Specifications

    • Dimensions: 10.25 in x 15 in x 9.25 in
    • Monitor screen: 4.4 in x 3.3 in
    • Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels, 1/4 VGA with auto-dimming backlight
    • Weight: 19.5 pounds

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