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Semi-Electric-Hospital-Bed Description

Model #: Semi Electric

Semi-electric hospital for rent in Phoenix, AZ. Full electric and semi-electric home-care hospital beds. What's the difference between full or semi electric? Good question – not a lot! Both full and semi electric hospital beds offer complete and separate control of the back position and foot/leg position. The difference is in height adjustment. A semi-electric bed height is set with a hand crank. A full electric offers height adjustment electrically through another set of switches on the hand control. The full electric bed can also be configured as a “lo bed”, placing it closer to the floor for fall risk users.

Semi-Electric-Hospital-Bed Specifications:

Semi Electric Hospital Bed Rental Specifications:

  • Color coded labels for easy set up
  • Motor is completely self-contained to reduce weight and noise
  • Comes with a 9 volt battery incase of power failure
  • The wood grain panels are break and scratch resistant

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