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Seattle Volume Ultrasound Machine Rentals-GE Logiq 9

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Radiology equipment rentals in Seattle, WA. With the LOGIQ 9, you can acquire and represent volumetric images real-time with 4D transducers. The 2D technology gives you the capability to reconstruct volumes from cine loops and manipulate data to view sagittal, transverse or coronal, as well as oblique planes.

LOGIQ 9, GE’s leadership ultrasound system, introduces new exciting enhancements that will change the ultrasound impact within any clinical application, both in image quality and workflow efficiencies. The Volume Ultrasound suite enables to acquire and further navigate within Volume data set, to explore the smallest details with stunning clarity. New Volume features enable you to perform at a highest level, providing new information and re-designing the approach to patient. Select within following options to know the all new contents.

With raw data, the virtual rescan allows you to:
- Optimize images acquired under difficult scanning conditions
- Apply varying levels of High Definition of Speckle Reduction Imaging settings
- Adjust time gain controls
- Modify B-Mode gain and dynamic range
- Achieve one-touch Tissue Automatic Optimization
- Change baseline shift, sweep speed and Doppler gain
- Take measurements; add or edit annotations
- Analyze and manipulate volume data
- Perform VOlume Automatic CALculation and Invert Mode fromacquired Volume data set
- Construct 3D volume images froma cine loop
- Perform a Contrast Data Quantification on saved examinations (Time Intensity Curves creation; extraction of tables with correlated parameters; etc.)

Ultrasound is commonly associated with imaging the fetus in pregnant women. Uses of ultrasound are much broader, however. Other important uses include imaging the abdominal organs, heart, breast, muscles, tendons, arteries and veins. While it may provide less anatomical detail than techniques such as CT or MRI, it has several advantages which make it ideal in numerous situations, in particular that it studies the function of moving structures in real-time, emits no ionizing radiation, and contains speckle that can be used in elastography. It is very safe to use and does not appear to cause any adverse effects. It is also relatively inexpensive and quick to perform.

Ultrasound scanners can be taken to critically ill patients in intensive care units, avoiding the danger caused while moving the patient to the radiology department. The real time moving image obtained can be used to guide drainage and biopsy procedures. Doppler capabilities on modern scanners allow the blood flow in arteries and veins to be assessed.

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