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Seated-Scooter Description

Model #: Seated Scooter

Not able to bear weight on your hip, knee, foot or ankle? The seated scooter allows you to sit comfortably instead of using crutches. Available seated scooter rental in Baltimore, Maryland. BW Surgical is a local DME supplier in county County who rents seated scooters. These scooters are different from "Knee Scooters and Knee Walkers". You actually sit on these seated scooter. A seated scooter will maximize a patients mobility during recovery from a full range of foot, ankle, knee, leg, or hip injuries. The large gel padded seat and convenient front leg peg allows the patient to rest in comfort while elevating the non-weight bearing leg.

A seated scooter rental is ideal for individuals who want to get around without the hassle of using crutches or using a knee walker. Seated scooters for rent come with a steering wheel a padded seat, 4 wheels and brakes. Seated Scooters quickly fold up for simple storage.

To learn more about rental terms and seated scooter rental delivery options in areas like Washington DC, Fairfax, Alexandria in Maryland, please contact us at 301-417-5231

Seated-Scooter Specifications:

Seated Scooter Rental Information in Baltimore, Maryland

  • 4'10″ to 6'4″ — less than 275 lbs.
  • Turns easily just like a bike
  • Stable & adjusts easily without tools
  • Large Comfortable Gel Seat
  • Large 8? wheels glide over carpet or uneven surfaces
  • Folds for easy transport & storage – weighs only 24 lbs
  • Every unit comes with a Quick Release Basket

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