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Model #: Symphony Breast Pump

San Diego Breast Pump Rentals-Medela Symphony Breast Pump For Rent-California Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental

Breast Pump For Rent in San Diego, CA Western Medical supplies Durrable Medical Equipment rentals, post surgery and acute injury recovery equipment throughout San Diego, Oceanside, Vista, Temecula, Southern California and the surrounding areas near SeaWorld. Western Medical Equipment's focus is on post surgery and acute injury recovery, mobility and bracing.

This is Medela's top of the line hospital grade breast pump rental. The Medela Symphony Breast Pump features Medela's 2-Phase Pumping technology for maximum milk flow and comfort. Babies suck rapidly when put to the breast in order to induce the breast milk "let-down". This pump simulates this rapid sucking in its "Stimulation" setting. Once let-down has occurred babies change their sucking pattern to longer slower sucks. The pump rental simulates this in the "Expression" phase. Thus, the 2-phase pumping technology promotes both effective letdown and expression.

The Symphony breast pump rentals 2-phase pumping program has two options:
There is the Automatic Option, where the stimulation phase automatically changes to the expression phase after two minutes. Or there is the Individual Option where If milk let-down occurs before two minutes, you can press a button to change to the expression phase at that time.

The Medela Symphony Breast Pump rental offers nursing mothers man features, such as:

Mom can double or single pumping (pump both breasts at the same time or each breast individually)
One knob control of vacuum level, and cycle speed
Whisper quiet operation
Specially designed membrane to provide unique milk overflow protection
LCD display that shows pumping mode, vacuum level, battery status, and other technical information
Easy to clean

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