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RF-Generator Description

Model #: Stryker MultiGen®

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Deliver Near Me in the Springfield, Missouri area a Medical Radio Frequency RF Generator For Rent. Rentals MD provides RF Generator Rentals on both short-term and long-term basis and ideal for facilities new facilities tight on budget or an existing facility adding on a new specialty or additional physician.

The Stryker MultiGen® Radiofrequency Generator is a combination of technologies that provide accuracy, is easy to use and capable of handling up to four lesions simultaneously with independent control. With multiple options for customizing procedures, MultiGen® Radiofrequency Generator also has software safety checks and monopolar nitinol electrodes.

Unmatched capabilities. Unsurpassed simplicity.
Multi-Lesioning: handles up to 4 lesions simultaneously and with independent control; also provides multiple and individual start options to deliver RF energy
Parallel Bipolar: allows 2 parallel bipolar procedures simultaneously with thermal and pulsed options to reduce overall time of SI joint procedures with larger lesion production
Intradiscal Lesioning (IDL): offers pre-programmed time and temperature step profiles with adjustment capabilities on the fly
Procedure profiles: facet denervation, medial branch Rhizotomy, sacroiliac denervation, percutaneous chordotomy, peripheral neuralgia, ramus communicants

Stryker MultiGen Radiofrequency Generator Specifications

12.5 in. [317.5mm] width
8 in. [203.2mm] height

MultiGen 2 Radiofrequency Generator

Radiofrequency ablation is now more efficient and reliable than ever before. Enter the next generation and discover the control and confidence no other technology provides. RF Generators For Rent or Lease From Rentals MD 833-838-8381

Rentals MD offer the Styker Multigen RF Generators exclusively. All RF Generator rentals come with the option of autoclavable electrodes, or the option to use disposables. The Styker Multigen offers Multi-Lesioning (up to 4) with independent control. For more information please give us a call

Radio Frequency RF-Generator for rent have a MINIMUM of a 1 Month Rental Rate. Rentals MD has finance options for all hospital equipment. To learn more about how you can rent a RF Generator for your medical practice please give us a call at 833-838-8381 .

RF Generator Rental Price & Lease Option Rates Range Around $900 A month

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