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Reclining-Wheelchair Description

Model #: Recling Wheelchair

Local New York City, NY reclining wheelchair rentals from Falk Surgical Supplies. A reclining wheelchair is a type of wheelchair that is similar to a standard wheelchair, except that its back can be reclined. A high-back reclining manual wheelchair allows for easy user repositioning, which improves blood circulation and comfort while sitting for long periods of time. Most reclining wheelchairs additionally feature a high back to enhance comfort and stability for the individual.

The Recliner Wheelchair for rent comes equipped with detachable full arms and elevating leg rests. It reclines to a full 180 degree position and is made with flame retardant black vinyl upholstery.

Pick up or Delivery is available for reclining wheelchair rentals in the New York City, NY area. If you have any questions regarding rental terms or delivery options please give us a call at 347-997-9564.

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