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Ceiling Lift Description

Portable Ceiling Patient Lift Rentals in Albany, NY. This patient ceiling lift is the ideal solution to assisting you and your caregiver in lifting and transferring you when there is a mobility impairment. At Accessible Home Solutions you can find products like this ceiling lifts with ramps, patient lifts, platform lifts and much more throughout Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Greene.

This portable patient lift helps you and your caregiver conquer many challenges that may be presented through the day. Safely lifting and transferring will reduce the amount of injuries resulting from handling of patients/residents in both, institutional, and home care settings. With this lift, transfers will be done safely and effortlessly. If transferring from a chair to bed or bed to chair this lift will make that transfer smoothly.

Prism Medical Portable Ceiling Lift Description:

- Light weight for portable use
- 425 pound capacity
- Pneumatic hand control and/or on-board controls
- Removable rechargeable battery
- Multiple room use
- Innovative ergonomic design for ease of use
- Quiet

Accessible Home Solutions will give you back the freedom and independence you have been missing. Services include removing restrictive or unsafe barriers and installing equipment or adaptations that meet your specific needs. No job is too big or too small with examples including complete remodeling of a bathroom to installation of a wheelchair lift. Contact Accessible Home Solutions today so we can assess your needs and get started on your unique home customization.

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