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Surgical-C-Arm Description

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Ziehm C-arms are one of a kind due to their functionality, mobility, connectivity and ease of service. A C-arm is a type of image intensifier that was given its name due to its arced semi-circular design. These medical devices use a lower amount of radiation. Ziehm C-arms are capable of being adjusted to different settings depending on the application that is required.

Being small and adjustable, these C-arms will increase your patient's comfort. With minimal invasiveness, the diagnosis and treatment for your patient can be quicker.

Surgical-C-Arm Specifications:

Ziehm Full Size C-Arm Characteristics:

- Versatile and Convenient
- True Pulse Fluoro, real time dynamic acquisition
- High-bright flat panel monitors
- DSA, cine loops and road-mapping are available
- Lightweights and have a small footprint
- Plug-and play integration in existing IT structures for digital image data acquisition, analysis and management
- DICOM capabilities include full image processing, retrieve, media, multi-frame, print, storage and query

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