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Surgical-C-Arm Description

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C-Arm Rental in Sioux Falls, SD. Lease a GE Surgical C-Arms that will deliver accurate images with straightforward operations giving you quality and peace of mind. It can be rented daily, weekly or monthly from Kraft Medical Products throughout Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Watertown, Brookings, Mitchell, and the surrounding South Dakota area.

C-arms are one of a kind due to their functionality, mobility, connectivity and ease of service. A C-arm is a type of image intensifier that was given its name due to the arced semi-circular design.

Surgical-C-Arm Specifications:

GE OEC C-Arm Features:

- Swivel mount dual flat panel monitor system
- Smaller monitor cart
- Touch screen controls
- Keypad with touchpad cursor for PC oriented users
- Dynamic range management
- Motion Tolerance Subtraction for better imaging
- Preset image profile
- Motorized and un-motorized versions
- DVD/CD Burner

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