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Operating room table rental in New York City, NY. The STERIS 4085 General Surgical Table’s design gives a surgical team the flexibility, control and convenience they need for today’s patients and procedures. The Steris 4085 is a contemporary product recently emerging on the aftermarket and is offered on a limited basis. Heartland Medical Sales and Service was established to serve the needs of the medical community and are a known quality organization selling and servicing surgical supplies and surgical equipment for hospitals and doctors offices. They are a distributor of Used and Refurbished Anesthesia Machine rentals for hospital in New York, Yonkers, Bronx, Baychester, Bedford Park, Bronxdale, City Island, Clason Point, East Tremont, Eastchester, Fordham, High Bridge, Hunts Point, Kings Bridge, Kings Bridge Heights, Locust Point, Melrose, Morris Heights, and all of New York.

- Contours to virtually all patient postures with a four-section tabletop
- Provides unrestricted perineal access with removable leg section
- Enhances lateral procedures with a powered, radiolucent kidney elevator
- Accommodates virtually all patients with generous height and weight ranges
- Provides outstanding access for C-arm, permitting clear high-quality images crucial to MIS, cardiothoracic, orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures
- Facilitates quick and safe patient positioning with an easy-to-use, easy-to-read hand control
- Compensates for uneven OR floors with unique self-leveling floor locks
- Prevents sectional and table base collisions with the Auto Limit Sensor™
- Compatible with a wide array of previously purchased accessories

- Table top length: 81″ (2057 mm)
- Table top width: 20″ (508 mm)
- Table height range: 26″ to 45″ (660 to 1143 mm)
- Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 30° / 30°
- Lateral tilt (left & right): 20° / 20°
- Patient weight capacity: 1,100 lbs. (500 kg) patient support, including raise/lower (centered on the column)
1,000 lbs (454 kg) full table articulation (centered on the column)
600 lbs (272 kg) full table articulation, including slide

An operating table system is basically made up of three components: an operating table column, the table top and the transporter. Modern operating table systems are available as both stationary and mobile units. There are a wide range of table tops that can be used for both general surgery and for specialist disciplines. Mobile operating tables, however, tend to be equipped with a specific discipline in mind. The base, column and table top form a unit.

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