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Surgical-C-Arm Description

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Full Size C-Arm Rentals in Minneapolis, MN. Lease a Ziehm Full Size C-Arms offers increased patient comfort compared to the traditional models. Being smaller than the traditional units these C-Arms can be used in more confines spaces. Rent these units daily, weekly or monthly from Kraft Medical Products throughout Minneapolis, Excelsior, St Paul, Rochester, Duluth and the surrounding Minnesota area.

Ziehm C-arms are one of a kind due to their functionality, mobility, connectivity and ease of service. A C-arm is a type of image intensifier that was given its name due to the arced semi-circular design. These medical devices use a lower amount of radiation that exposed to patients and professionals. These full size c-arms are capable of being adjusted to different settings depending on the application that is required.

Being small and adjustable, these C-arms will increase your patients comfort. With minimal invasiveness the diagnosis and treatment for your patient will be much quicker.

Surgical-C-Arm Specifications:

Ziehm Full Size C-Arm Characteristics:

- Versatile and Convenient
- True Pulse Fluoro, Real time dynamic acquisition
- High-bright flat panel monitors
- DSA, cine loops and road-mapping are available
- Lightweights and have a small footprint
- Plug-and play integration in existing IT structures for digital image data acquisition, analysis and management
- DICOM capabilities include full image processing, retrieve, media, multi-frame, print, storage and query

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