Minneapolis OR Table Rentals-Skytron 6500 HD OR Surgery Table for Rent in Minnesota

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Minneapolis OR Table Rentals-Skytron 6500 HD OR Surgery Table for Rent in Minnesota

Operating room table for rent in Minneapolis, MN. Skytron 6500 HD surgical tables are available in manual, electric, and remote control models. In addition to the 6500 HD, refurbished models are available from the Skytron 5000, 6000, 6500, and 7000 series. Heartland Medical Sales and Service was established to serve the needs of the medical community and are a known quality organization selling and servicing surgical supplies and surgical equipment for hospitals and doctors offices. They are a distributor of Used and Refurbished Anesthesia Machine rentals for hospital in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

FEATURES for the Skytron 6500 HD:
- General use electro-hydraulic surgical table
- Can lift and fully articulate patients weighing up to 850 lbs.
- C-Arm compatible
- X-ray top set
- 180 degree table top rotation
- Return to level
- Buttons are clearly labeled, making the table easy to use and enhancing patient safety
- Fail-safe feature makes sure brakes are locked prior to table use
- Stainless steel cover is attractive and easy to clean
- Self-leveling, four-point brake system
- Built-in kidney bridge
- Manually-operated head section features a full width quick-release bar
- Removable powered leg section
- Narrow base
- Positions include:
- Trendelenburg
- Back (raise or lower)
- Side (lateral tilt)
- Foot (raise or lower)
- Flex (“v” or inverted “v”)

- Weight Capacity: 850 lbs.
- Height Adjustment : 27” to 44”
- Top Rotation: 180°
- Foot / Leg Down: 105° (Removable)
- Foot / Leg Up: 20°
- Back Down: 40°
- Back Up: 60°
- Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg: 20°
- Lateral Tilt: 20°

- Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 60 HZ 300 Watts
- Current Leakage: Less than 100 Microamps
- Power Cord: 15 Feet with Standard Duplex Connector

They rent, lease, sell and service hospital equipment such as anesthesia machines, patient monitors, operating room tables, operating room lights, electrosurgical units, defibrillators, blanket and fluid warmers, patient warmers, endoscopy systems, sterilizers, stretchers and recovery room monitors. Medical equipment rental and medical supplies in Minneapolis, MN. Heartland Medical operates a dynamic Medical Supply Department that provides rentals, maintenance and repairs for Anesthesia Equipment, Biomedical, Waste Gas Environmental Testing, Medical Gas Services and Inspections. Heartland Medical offers many different medical rental services to meet the needs of any medical facility such as Anesthesia Services, Biomedical Services, Medical Gas Services, Environmental Services and Refurbishing Services. They rent, leas, sell and refurbishsurgical supplies and surgical equipment such as anesthesia systems, OR tables, OR lights, ESUs, Patient Monitors, Defibrillators and more for hospitals and doctors offices throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, St. Cloud, Eagan, Woodbury, and all of Minnesota.

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