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Philips Physiological Monitoring System Rentals Richmond, VA. The Philips patient monitoring portfolio spans care environments, patient acuity levels, and clinical requirements. Versatile patient monitors offer a range of options for flexible care, including a portable bedside monitor, compact patient monitor, and vital signs monitor. All patient monitors are designed to give caregivers a clear view of patient information. Heartland Medical carries new and refurbished GE Hospital Equipment in Richmond, Norfolk, Falls Church, Charlottesville, Alexandria, Lynchburg, Fredericksburg, Winchester, Reston, Virginia Beach and throughout all of Virginia.

The world’s best-selling patient monitors are evolving. Fitting seamlessly into the IntelliVue family, the Philips IntelliVue MX600 and MX700 offer an expanded, real-time view of your patients’ vital signs, and with the integrated PC option, a wealth of clinically relevant information from your hospital’s intranet and applications.

A medical monitor or physiological monitor is a medical device used for monitoring. It can consist of one or more sensors, processing components, display devices, as well as communication links for displaying or recording the results elsewhere through a monitoring network.

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