Las Vegas Gel Overlay Mattress Rental

Gel-Overlay-Mattress Description

Request a Gel Overlay Mattress to rent in Las Vegas Nevada. Our complete line of Gel overlay mattresses offers many options for optimum would care protection. Gel mattresses are the first step in preventing and treating pressure ulcers. Many hospitals and nursing homes use gel mattress overlays for prevention and basic treatment of ulcers. Gel Overlay mattresses are designed to fit over an existing mattress or bed frame.

Gel-Overlay-Mattress Specifications:


- High density solid one-piece foam construction, no assembly required
- Easy to clean with low friction surface
- Elastic corner straps make it easy to secure overlay surface to a mattress.
- Convoluted high-density polyurethane foam topper
- Cover material is Unitek, which is a soft nylon urethane coated OFX non-vapor permeable material
- Gel Bladders contain an aqueous non-toxic gel solution
- All Components meet fire safety and infection control standards
- Size: 35in x 80in x 3in
- Weight: 46 pounds
- Weight Limit: 300 pounds

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