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Powerchairs Description

Kissimmee Scooter Rentals - Powerchairs for Rent - Florida Electric Wheelchairs:

Powerchair rentals and Power Chairs for Rent in Kissimmee, Kissimmee Gateway Airport, Orlando, Sanford, Altamont Springs, Deltona, Disney World, all Florida. Home medical mobility aids and mobility healthcare supplies are readily available for rent.

Powerchairs are a type of electric wheelchair that offers a shorter wheel base than traditional wheelchairs for excellent maneuverability in small spaces. Although they have a compact design, many models do not easily disassemble. We recommend using a passenger van or SUV with a removable third row seat if you plan to transport the chair. If you need a wheelchair accessible van rental then let us know. The maximum weight capacity for these vehicles are 250lbs for a Standard model and 450lbs for a Heavy Duty model.

General Powerchair, Scooter, and Wheelchair Information:
Many people ask us "What kind of powerchair or scooter will I be renting?" or "What will my electric wheelchair or scooter look like?". All of our 1500+ North American locations, including Orlando, FL, offer the 3-wheeled variety. Many locations also offer 4-wheeled scooters along with manual wheelchairs and several types of powerchairs. Exact type, model, and color of mobility rentals are based on availability.

Whether you are looking for a mobility scooter, powerchair, power chair, travel scooter, electric wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, or other ECV mobility scooter product contact our professional mobility solution experts today to answer any questions and reserve your mobility rental.

If you are new to scooter renting, traveling to Kissimmee or Orlando for a Walt Disney World Resort vacation, or just want to learn a little more about our versatile vehicles, then contact us and let a professional Scoot Around representative help ensure you get the right mobility solution for your needs.

The Types of Durable Home Medical Equipment and Handicapped Accessible Mobility Aids we Provide for Rent:
• Portable Electric Scooters - Transportable Mobility Scooter
• Electric Scooters - Standard ECV Mobility Scooter
• Powerchairs - Power Chairs - Electric Wheelchair
• Manual Wheelchairs - Wheel Chair
• Walkers, Rollators, Rolling Walkers, Canes, Carts, Transport Chairs, Lifts, etc

Powerchairs Specifications:

Powerchair specs:
- Powerchairs are suitable for passengers weighing up to 250lbs.
- Chairs are outfitted with padded armrests and comfortable plastic handrims for comfortable operation.
- Many models include adjustable footrests for added comfort.
- Chairs can rotate easily in tight spaces.
- Models may vary from picture shown here.

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