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Breast-Pumps Description

Model #: Freestyle

Breast pumps for rent in Jacksonville, FL for expecting mothers. This breast pump is fully automatic, with quick cycling times, adjustable suction levels and double-pumping capability. These pumps have a rapid suck-and-release cycle (referred to as the cycling time) that draws milk from your breasts at about the same rate as a nursing baby.

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Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental

Hospital-grade electric breast pump should be used if you're pumping constantly throughout the day, perhaps because you or your baby isn't able to breastfeed then you'll need the most efficient pump around. Such as this heavy-duty hospital-grade breast pump model with a double collection kit. Using a double collection kit means you can pump both breasts at once, which can cut pumping time by more than half and drain both breasts more effectively. However keep in mind that these pumps are usually heavy and can weigh as much as 18 pounds.

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