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Stair-Lifts Description

Model #: Acorn 120 Straight Stair Lift

Stair Lifts For Rent in Fanwood, New Jersey. Acorn 120 stair lifts are designed for straight staircases and have a weight capacity of 300 pounds while featuring simple to operate controls. Patient stair lift rentals, sales, and service are available from Williams Lift Company throughout the State of New Jersey. To learn more about temporary stair lift rentals throughout Elizabeth, Plainfield, Edison, Newark and all of Northern New Jersey,give us a call at 201-385-9700

The Acorn 120 stair lifts offer a slim design allows for minimal obstruction on the stairs, allowing others to use the staircase freely when the stair lift is folded. The Acorn stair lift will blend into your home, and the smooth start and stop allows you to glide effortlessly up and down the stairs without any discomfort

Acorn 120 Straight Stair Lift Features:
- Smooth start/stop action
- Secure safety belt
- Folding arms, footrest, and seat for easy access to the stairway
- Swivel seat
- Diagnostic digital display to informs the status of the lift
- Five safety sensors to stop the lift automatically if any obstruction is encountered
- Hand-held remote controls to manipulate the lift up and down the staircase
- Powered by a maintenance free DC power pack
- Hinged rail options available
- Wider seat options available
- 300 pound capacity
- Easy to use controls

Stair-Lifts Specifications:

Acorn Stair Lift Specifications:

- Motor Power: 0.5 HP
- Motor Output Speed: 22 rpm - No greater than 0.15 meters per second
- Method of Drive: Rack and Pinion
- Motor Output Torque: 108 Nm
- Power Supply: 24 v DC battery
- Maximum Capacity: 20 Stone/280lbs/127kg
- Track: Extruded Aluminium
- Mains Supply: 110 v, 50 Hz charger
- Overall Height From Floor: 40 inches
- Height of Seat: 19.5 inches
- Overall Depth From Wall: 23 inches
- Overall Depth When Folded: 13 inches
- Width of Footrest: 12 inches
- Overall Width: 22 inches
- Depth of Seat: 16 inches

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