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Infusion-Pump Description

Model #: Infusomat Space

Infusomat Space Infusion Pump for rent in Chicago, IL is designed with both adult and pediatric facilities in mind. It is small 9" x 6", it weighs roughly 3 pounds and it can fi in most clinical arrangements. The Infusomat Space Infusion system is a large volume pump which allows for flexibility and easy transport within a number of care settings. The infusion pump has Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use intuitive user interface so you can quickly implement usage.

The Infusomat Space is an infusion pump system used to provide intravenous (IV) infusions of fluids, medications, blood, and blood products to adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. The B.Braun Infusomat Space infusion pump is available for rent in Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Napere, Springfield and in all of Illinois

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Infusion-Pump Specifications:

 Information about Infusomat Space Infusion Pump For Rent in Chicago

The system is designed for higher acuity care facilities, offering a large drug library as well as the capability to build up to 24 pumps in a single bedside tower.

  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use intuitive user interface
  • 1,500-entry drug library available
  • Alarms are audible, clearly visible and differentiated using different tones
  • Available with or without wireless
  • Strong lightweight pole clamp holds up to three pumps mounted horizontally or vertically
  • The Infusomat® provides automatic rate calculation by calculating volume over time
  • Dose rate mode
  • Dose calculation
  • Automatic calculation of delivery rate
  • Drug library - up to 1500 drug names can be stored
  • Drug specific soft and hard limits
  • KOR mode
  • Standby mode, adjustable from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Infusomat® Safety Concept
  • Help prompts
  • Freeflow protection
  • Occlusion alarm
  • Bolus redcution
  • Upstream pressure protectin
  • Data kick on 3 safety levels
  • LED alarm indicator with clear message display Also within the range is the SpaceControl, SpaceStation, SpaceCover and SpaceCom which combine to feature a full unit.

B.Braun Infusomat® Space Infusion Pump is available for rent and is available for purchase. Call today to learn more about your infusion pump options.

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